Luca Pappalardo Manager hair department


Manager Hair Department

With over 23 years’ experience in this field, Luca Pappalardo brings his own style and exotic flair as an international hairstylist. With skills that he cultivated from the Capellimania Hair Salon back in late 90’s Italy, Luca has grown and branched out to managing multiple hair salons in his home country, Australia and London. His travels and years of dedication to hairdressing permits him to display his creativity through every client, including models from Fasion Week in Rome! With a high-level standard of professionalism, Luca has trained and perfected many aspects of hairdressing and specialises in colouring, blow-drying, styling, permanent straightening and waving. His knowledge and expertise ensures satisfaction to anyone that seeks to have their look embellished with a European twist- so sit back, relax and let the Sicilian shores come to you instead!