Hair Removal



Get silky smooth skin with our hot and cold body waxing service. No regrowth for up to 4 weeks!


Waxing Pricelist


UpperLip / Chin Waxing (5 mins)£3.00
Forehead Waxing (10 mins)£5.00
Sides of Face Waxing (10 mins)£5.00
Eyebrow Waxing (10 mins)£5.00
Full face inc eyebrows (30 mins)£18.00
Half Back (15 mins)£10.00
Stomach /Hip Waxing (20 mins)£10.00
Under arms(cold wax)£8.00
Bikini line -cold wax (15 mins)£10.00
Under arms - hot wax (5 mins)£12.00
Under arms - cold wax (5 mins)£10.00
Half Arms (10 mins)£10.00
Half legs (15 mins)£15.00
Full arms (15 mins)£15.00
Full Back (30 mins)£15.00
Full arms & under arms (25 mins)£20.00
Full legs (30 mins)£25.00
Brazilian (30 mins)£23.00
Hollywood (30 mins)£25.00
Brazilian - hot wax (30 mins)£28.00
Full legs and Bikini line (55 mins)£30.00
Hollywood - hot wax (40 mins)£30.00
Full body - inc full legs, full arms, under arms, Hollywood & stomach (1 hour)£70.00


Gents Waxing

Not just for the ladies, see below for our list of men’s waxing services and prices

Men’s Waxing Pricelist

Gent's WaxingPrice
Half Arms (10 mins)£15.00
Full Arms (15 mins)£20.00
Chest and Stomach (30 mins)£23.00
Full back (20 mins)£25.00
Back and Shoulders (30 mins)£25.00
Full leg (30 mins)£25.00
Back, shoulders and chest (40 mins)£30.00
Brazilian (30 mins)£30.00
Back, Shoulders, Chest & Stomach (45 mins)£35.00

Laser Hair Removal

If you’re looking for a safe and effective way to remove unwanted hair then laser hair removal is the treatment for you. Each treatment uses a burst of high powered laser light to target the hair’s follicle to stop growth.

A course of 6 treatments is normally recommended and can help deliver a 90% reduction in hair growth over time.

Laser Hair Removal Pricelist


Laser Treatment PricesSingle TreatmentSix Treatments
Upper lip£30.00£150.00
Lower lip£30.00£150.00
Upper chin or chin £30.00£150.00
Nose or earlobes£30.00£150.00
Brows inc centre brow£40.00£200.00
Side burns£40.00£200.00
Underarms £40.00£200.00
Jawline or cheekbones£40.00£200.00
Half arm £50.00£250.00
Peri Anal £50.00£250.00
Bikini line£55.00£275.00
Brazilian £60.00£300.00
Full face excl neck£60.00£300.00
Full face inc neck £70.00£350.00
Full arms £70.00£350.00
Abdomen £70.00£350.00
Full stomach£70.00£350.00
Half back£70.00£350.00
Full beard£70.00£350.00
Lower legs ( incl. knees) £75.00£375.00
Full thighs( incl. knees) £75.00£375.00
Hollywood & peri anal £85.00£425.00
Full back£100.00£500.00
Full leg£120.00£600.00
Full legs inc Bikini line£150.00£700.00



Upper lip/chin (10 mins)£3.00
Forehead (10 mins)£5.00
Sides of face (10 mins)£5.00
Eyebrows (10 mins)£5.00
Full face including eyebrows (15 mins)£18.00