Scalp Micropigmentation

Scalp Micropigmentation

Scalp micropigmentation is a cutting-edge procedure that produces a more defined hairline and is popular with those who are suffering from hair loss or alopecia. It involves a thorough consultation where hair shade and hairline shape will be discussed prior to treatment beginning. Multiple semi-permanent tattoo treatments will be carried out to achieve the desired look on the scalp.

Micropigmentation can change your life. It can help bring your mojo back and give you the self-confidence you need, so no more hiding under a hat. Clients usually go from patchy uneven to a more defined hairline and all over natural looking finish.

Products used:

Scalpa Products were designed and used by the scalp micropigmentation industry giant, Scalp Aesthetics. Through research and development, they have created proprietary inks, needles and machine. This process took years of trial and error and is one of the major cornerstones of the growth of Scalp Aesthetics. These products are being used by over 200 clinics and have been used to treat over 20,000 clients.

Inks used:

• Developed and manufactured by the biggest scalp micropigmentation company, Scalp Aesthetics.
• No constituent colours or colour additives so ink will never discolour
• Almost zero ink migration, for perfectly sized follicle replications
• Organic carbon based pigment
• 100% safe for all scalp applications
• High retention reduced fading and fewer sessions required
• The only ink with a matte anti-shine effect


Swiss Color® is a global company with expertise in micro pigments for permanent makeup and microblading. The company’s headquarters are located in Switzerland. They promote confidence through performance, flexibility and an open dialogue. Their prestigious products meet the highest standards in quality and value for money.

Swiss Color® is a comprehensive provider of high quality permanent make up and microblading products and services. The precision machines and equipment we use reflect the latest hygienic conditions and our quality Swiss Color® pigments comply with the requirements ResAP (2008) 1 and the new pharmaceutical raw material Regulation 04 /2013 concerning nickel content.

The first-class individual training of Swiss Color® delivers the necessary knowledge and expertise for the very best results with your clients.

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